Upon enforcement of the Law No. 4683 repealing the Salt Code, our company filed its formal applications and obtained the salt production licenses for our mine sites. The Salt Investments started in 2002 following that the obtained Salt Enterprise licenses are completed. Salt comes out from the ponds conceded to our company as a 2nd mineral. Our company is the first company to produce salt after Tekel (the State Monopoly). Raw Salt is the basic point of origin for all other salt kinds and types (Raw salt, washed salt, dried food salt and industrial salt, refined food and industrial salt, etc.).

Alkim started its salt investment operations and the constructions of planned salt production ponds in 2002 and completed the first stage at Konya-Cihanbeyli in 2004 and Afyon-Acıgöl plants during 2005 - 2006.

Constructions of salt production ponds started in 2006 and continued thereafter at Afyon-Acıgöl plant. The area of our pre-evaporation ponds reached 1.3 million m2 and our production ponds to 4.2 million m2 making a total of 5.5 million m2. As a result, our yearly Raw Salt production capacity from Acıgöl was increased to about 150,000 tons.

We also have a raw salt production capacity of about 40,000 tons a year in our salt production site of 3.72 million m2 at Konya - Cihanbeyli plant.

Refined Salt and Dried Salt test productions have been made since November 2007 in the new Salt units integrated to our Koralkim Sodium Sulphate plant. Conformity of the produced salts with 11079 TSI Industrial Salt Quality, TSI and Turkish Food Codex Quality is certified by analysis performed at Tübitak and Sanitation Institutions. Our production capacity is 30,000 Tons / Year for Dried Salt and 30,000 Tons / Year for Refined Table Salt.

Our products are appropriate to 11079 Turkish Institute of Standards ( TSE ) and Turkish Food Codex Quality.

The production of liquid magnesium chloride has been added to the other operations of our company. The liquid magnesium chloride is an essential de-icing agent to be used in the coldest areas of our country. The production capacity is 8.000 tpa. 

In recent years, the liquid magnesium chloride has been imported by our country. So, the production of this liquid is also very important for our country's economy. 

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Areas of utilization


It is used in every branch of the food sector as the industrial and nourishment additive material in the production stage. It is also one of the basic elements of our kitchen. (Mainly used in brines for pickling and in the olive preparation process etc.)


It has an important role in fabric dyeing and also in water regeneration.


While facing the strong winter days, it is used mostly by Highways and Municipalities in our country as its crude form.


It has a very important function in the leather salting and preservation.


It is used as a liquid detergent thinner and also used in dish washers in the detergent sector. It is also used as a decomposer in chemistry.

Animal Feed Industry

Farm animal feed industries use our salt in their productions.

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