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Advantages Of Natural Sodium Sulfate
Natural sodium sulfate is free from the heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, zinc, chrome which are present in sulfate produced by chemical methods nor toxic minerals.

Against the slightly acidic chemically produced ones, the natural sodium sulfate has a pH value of 7-9 which indicates the absence of any acidity.

Production rate and prices are rather uniform, since the production doesn’t depend on any raw material.
These advantages make natural sodium sulfate preferable in pulp-paper and glass industries. And in the detergent industry, where sodium sulfate is used up to 40% by wt., the complete absence of toxic minerals and the neutral pH zone is of crucial importance.

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Areas of utilization


The principal use of sodium sulfate is in the detergent industry. Natural Sodium Sulfate is an ideal filler and diluent, as it is noncorrosive, neutral and cheap. The reduction of phosphate in the detergent as a result of the new air and water pollution in nearly all countries, has increased the consumption of sodium sulfate. 

Pulp and Paper

Another significant use is in the kraft paper pulp. In this process sodium sulfate is reduced chemically to sulfide forms, which are the active constituents of the pulping liquor. 


Glass industry is also one of the major industries that use large amounts of sodium sulfate. Nearly all modern glass factories have increased the amount of sodium sulfate in their formulations from the classical 0.5% up to 1.0% of the glass melt in a cheap and easy way. 


Sodium sulfate aids in producing a more “level” color and better distribution of the dye on the fiber (improving the dye’s “standardization”), allowing for a more dilute but equally effective dye strength. Sulfate is specially used in the dyeing of wool.

Chemical Production

Furthermore, sodium sulfate can be used for the production of the chemicals such as potassium sulfate, alluminium sulfate, sodium silicate and sodium sulphur.

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