Magnesium Sulfate

R&D activities for Magnesium sulfate, which is the following production of Magnesium Chloride, have been succesfully completed in less than 1 year. It is planned to start production in November 2018. Annual production capacity of Magnesium Sulfate will be 3.000 tons.

Magnesium Sulfate, which is also commonly known as Epsom Salt, will be produced as a natural product with a special process by Alkim.



Areas of utilization

Pharmaceutical Industry

Heals inflammation, skin diseases. Relieves muscle and nerves.

Feed Additive

It is used to supply the magnesium requirement of animals and regulate the digestive system.


Magnesium sulfate is critical for seed germination and the production of chlorophyll. Magnesium sulfate helps strengthen cell walls and improves plants' uptake of nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulfur.

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