H.VEDAT KORA M.Sc. Chemical Engineer 1923 - 1975 Our founder, Mr. Vedat KORA graduated from İstanbul University Engineering Faculty as M.Sc. Chemical Engineer, and started his career at Turkish State Monopoly Research Center. In 1948 he established a personal company, Hasan Vedat KORA Co. and began production of certain chemicals.
Vedat KORA started to produce Sodium Sulfate at Lake Acigol South West Anatolia Turkey, after having the “Sodium Sulfate” mine concession numbered İR 73 at 17.09.1953. His private company named H. Vedat KORA Company was registered nr. 49.519 in İstanbul Chamber of Commerce. Vedat Kora obtained his first Patent at 15 January 1954 for production of Soda from Sodium Sulfate. Later, Mr. Kora received 6 more patents for various chemical production methods. He received the mining licence İR 2197 at 01.03.1956 for Sodium Sulfate production at Lake Bolluk nearby Konya-Cihanbeyli province.
H. Vedat Kora together with his wife E. Şükran Kora established Alkali Minerals Ltd. registered in İstanbul Registry of Commerce nr. 65.070 at 29.05.1957. All mining licences were transferred to this new company.
In this year, at 14.03.1962 Mr. Vedat Kora's brother Mr. Cihat Kora became a shareholder in Alkali Minerals Ltd.
Alkim Alkali Kimya A.S. Joint Venture company was founded together with Alkali Minerals Ltd, Kora Family, and American Essex Interore Inc. (a subsidiary of Exxon). Due to the law and regulations of mining activities with foreign companies the permission is granted with a Decree of Goverment dated 8 th. May 1963. All mining confessions of Alkali Madencilik Ltd. is transferred to the new established Alkim Alkali Kimya A.Ş.
The first modern sodium sulfate plant constructed in Konya.
American Essex Interore Inc. sold his shares to the KORA Family, thus Alkim Alkali Kimya A.S. has become totally (100%) a family company again.
We lost the founder of our company Mr. Vedat Kora by an airplane disaster.
The anhydrous sodium sulfate plant set up with 30.000 tpa capacity nearby the Lake Bolluk.
The plant, which was constructed by German Lurgi Firm, started production and the “Koralkim” name was given to these integrated premises.
Great and modern raw-material production ponds (3.5 million m2), main feeding and distributing canals and the pumping stations were put into service.
Alkim has taken its place among the top 10 Sodium Sulfate producers.
Alkim has begun to invest for Turkey’s biggest and the most modern production mills of offset and coated paper at Izmir – Kemalpasa Organized Industrial Zone with the capacity of 55.000 tons/year.
For the first time in history ISO 9002 Quality System Certificate for Sodium Sulfate production was given to Alkim’s Koralkim Plant.
Paper production begun at our Izmir – Kemalpasa Paper Mill.
Paper operation separated from Alkim Chemicals and a 100% subsidiary was established under the name of Alkim Kagit Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S.

Alkim Alkali Kimya A.S. went public in March and started trading on the Istanbul Stock Exchange.

Alkim Kagit Sanayi A.S. has gone also public in November and started to be traded on Istanbul Stock Exchange.
For the first time in Turkey, low calorie burning powder lignite fluid bed energy station, which is constructed by Babcock-Gama, was put into service in Koralkim Plant.

- The number and sizes of raw-material production ponds have increased and their sizes have reached 7.5 million m2.
- The expansion investment for Granular Sodium Sulfate has taken place.

- Alkim became the world's 6th biggest sodium sulfate producer.
After the change in Monopoly Law, the production of salt has become possible in the private sector in Turkey. Alkim bought “lake salt production licences” and started to produce raw salt.
Alkim decided to start the research and development activities at his Çayırhan Glauberite Mine, near Ankara - middle Anatolia. This concession belonging to Alkim is one of the biggest reserves in Europe, with a measured amount of 190 million tons Glauberite - corresponding to ca. 65 million tons of pure sodium sulfate.
- Cihanbeyli Bolluk lake new sodium sulfate plant is commissioned was January 2007 with a capacity of 80.000 tons per year.

- Our Honorary President Mr. Cihat KORA honored by TBMM (Turkish Grand National Assembly) Eminent Services Award in May 2007.

- At our Dazkırı Koralkim Plant, a table salt production unit with a capacity of 40.000 tons per year is commissioned in October 2007.
- Alkim received an important chromite mine licence at the Eskişehir region. Total area of the concession is 1.180 hectars, all legal permissions from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry are obtained during the year 2008. The estimated surface reserve is ca. 195.000 tons of 15-18 pct. chromium, also 36-42 pct. lumpy is available. In the year 2009, reserve explotation works will be carried also underground.

- In our lake operations production of liquid Magnesium Chloride used started. This is a de-icing material on highways and roads. Also in production of wall boards MgCl2 is used.

- At Ankara - Çayırhan region, the brand new 150.000-120.000 tpa soduim sulfate project has reached final steps in feasibility phase. All technical issues are solved, and now Alkim is going on with legal formalities for permissions of environment.
- Our President Mr. Reha KORA honored by TBMM (Turkish Grand National Assembly) Eminent Services Award in July 2009.

- In July 2009, after many years long resarch and application studies, which actually started in 1993 when Alkim accuired the Cayirhan Glauberite Mine, the company decided to use a technology invented and developed by our President Mr. Reha KORA, blasting the Glauberite in underground and then using solution mining technics. The patent has been granted in 21th, Nov 2013 Mr. Reha KORA as inventer and Alkim Alkali Kimya A.Ş. as owner of this patent.

- The new investment of 150.000 tpa sodium sulfate plant started at Ankara-Cayirhan in November 2009.
On 23rd, July 2010, The ceremony was performed at Çayırhan for laying the first founderies of the Sodium Sulfate Facility.
High quality sodium sulfate production started at Çayırhan Sodium Sulfate Facility after completing the construction of the facility and the mine field operations.
In Çayırhan a glauberite dissolving unit is installed for mechanical recovery of the sodium sulfate from the glauberite.
Çayırhan capacity increase investment was completed.
POTASSIUM SULPHATE ( SOP ) Production investment had started at our Afyon - Dazkırı Lake Acıgöl plant. Estimated commisioning will be on mid 2021. This natural - very valuable fertilizer production will be a milestone in Alkim history. The plant will be build on turn key basis with HPD ( Well known global Conractor for chemical plants ).
We have lost our Cihat Kora, chairman of Alkim between 1975 - 2005 and onwards until today our honorary president at the age of 93 in İzmir. May he rest in peace. Our condolances for the whole Alkim Family.
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