Environmental Initiatives

Environmental Initiatives

Environmental protection is a universal responsibility for all of us. In this sence, Alkim as a “natural sodium sulfate, natural salts and natural fertilizer producer” is working completely together with the nature.

Process-wise our operation in the natural lakes are totally environmentally-friendly, we do not have any toxic disposals at all.

Recently, Alkim has won the “Best Environment Protection Award” for the whole western region of Turkey. Our natural lakes are the most characteristic habitat for flamingo colonies.

We have started using biomass as a fuel in Fluidized Bed Boilers operating in our plants in order to meet European Emission Standards requirements of which has already been emission limits of Turkish Emission Standards.

Natural Sodium Sulfate is Environmentally Friendly, Non-Toxic and Non-Harmful

"Sodium sulfate is widely distributed in nature... is present in almost all fresh and salt waters and sulfate as such is normally present in almost all natural foodstuffs. Both sodium and sulfate ions are among the most common ions found in all living organisms."(1) 

"Sodium sulfate is a substance with a favourable ecological profile."(2) "… the available information is judged to be adequate for concluding that the use of sodium sulfate in household laundry and cleaning products raises no safety concerns for the environment."(3) 

"OSHA Vacated PELs: Sodium sulfate: No OSHA Vacated PELs are listed for this chemical."(4) 

"This chemical is not expected to cause oxygen depletion in aquatic systems."(5) 

Overall it can be concluded that sodium sulfate has no acute adverse effect on aquatic and sediment dwelling organisms. (6) 

No data were found for long term toxicity. (7) 



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Alkim Environmental Policy

As being top management and workers of Alkim Alkali Kimya A.Ş., with the awareness of social and environmental liabilities, we aim to be environmentally-friendly, to prevent environment pollution and to improve continuously our environmental performance. 

For this purpose, Alkim Alkali Kimya A.Ş. hereby guarantees: 

  • To comply laws and regulations on environmental protection, 

  • To be in communication and collaboration with official institutions and organizations, all workers, suppliers, subcontractors, visitors and the community, 

  • To make necessary studies for reducing the used raw material, energy and natural resources in order to use all resources economically and effectively, 

  • To take protective actions in order to reduce the effect of all kind of waste disposals, to safely store all waste disposals and to transport them to disposal facilities within legal time frame, 

  • To held social events and activities to increase awareness on environmental protection and human health, 

  • To define new targets each year in order to review environmental performance measurements and analyzes.

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