Company Profile

Founded as Kora Chemicals Private Company in 1948, then became Alkali Minerals Ltd. in 1957. Having the concessions (operation licences) of Lake Acigol, Lake Tersakan and Lake Bolluk the company has grown during the years.

1963 Alkim Alkali Chemicals Inc. is established as a partnership of Essex Interore Inc. of USA and Alkali Minerals Ltd. of Turkey to operate Sodium Sulphate operations in Turkey. Due to the law and regulations at that time (1960’s) in Turkey, the foundation of Alkim is approved according a unique government resolution dated on 08.05.1963, numbered 6 / 1728.

In 1971, the Kora Family purchased all the shares and became sole owner.

In the year 2000, the IPO was made and Alkim became a publicly traded company in Istanbul Stock Exchange. 


Capital Stock System is executed. The Paid-in Capital of our company is 150.000.000 TL.
Subject of Activities :
Operating of mining areas, productions and sales of chemical materials, exports and imports

Shareholding Structure: Ratio of Public Shares    50.74%
A Publicly Held Company 
(all publicly held and traded companises in Turkey are under supervision of SPK (Capital Markets Autority).

Alkim’s shares are traded in Istanbul Stock Exchange (BİST).
The BİST code of Alkim Alkali Chemicals Inc. is ALKIM.

Number of the plants and operations :

3 chemical plants, 3 lake operations,1 underground mine, 1 chrome concentration plant and also owns the majority shares of Alkim Paper Company, which is the biggest W/P and offset paper producer of Turkey. Sodium sulphate and salt is produced at the lake operations. Glauberite and Tenardite is produced at the mine operation.

Existing Production Capacity

Sodium Sulphate: 420.000 tons/year 

Potassium Sulphate: 50.000 tons/year

Sodium Chloride ( Salt ) :
Raw Salt  - 225.000 tons/year     
Refined Table Salt - 30.000 tons/year     
Dried food grade granular salt - 30.000 tons/year    
Leonite ( Potassium - Magnesium Sulphate): 5.000 tons / year
Magnesium Sulphate): 3.000 tons / year


Our product is produced at the integrated premises in Izmir - Kemalpasa with a capacity of 80.000 tons/year. Alkim Paper's 80% shares are belonging to Alkim Chemicals, and the remaining 20%, are publicly traded in the IMKB (Istanbul Stock Exchange). 


Administrative Staff 55
Workers 462
Total 517 (full employement)

Also, 25 - 50 seasonal workers are employed in the lakes for salt harvesting from the ponds.

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