The refine sodium sulfate plant, which was established based on 150.000 Tons / year capacity of Underground Solution Mining, was completed in December 2011 and was when operation and production activities started. The 40% capacity increase investment, which started in 2016, was completed in April 2017 and the existing capacity was increased to 210.000 tons / year. The capacity of the facility has been increased to 300,000 tons per year with additional investments made thereafter.

The sodium sulfate solution obtained by underground solution mining method is treated through certain processes and anhydrated sodium sulfate is obtained.

Çayırhan plant host a power unit to generate its own vapor and electric power and all of the technical, administrative and social infrastructural facilities, miscellaneous auxiliary units and all the support systems required to be present in a chemical plant of this size.

The plant runs on a computer-controlled system. By passing the high pressure vapor generated in the power unit of our plant through a back-pressure turbine, we not only generate 2/3 of the entire plant's power requirement, but also meet the vapor requirement of the process.


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