Alkim Paper Mill Kemalpaşa

Turkey’s biggest papermill established by Alkim in Kemalpaşa Organized Industrial Zone, Izmir, started production with a capacity of 55.000 tons / year In 1998. Its capacity increased to 90.000 tons / year with the extension investment in 2004. Since it is established, Alkim Kağıt Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. has been an important manufacturer of writing paper in Turkey. Alkim Kağıt serves the printing and packaging industry by manufacturing high-grade, coated and photocopy paper. As the result of the capacity increasing efforts conducted in February and March of 2011, an increase of approximately 20% was achieved in our manufacturing capacity. Our production is entirely controlled by QCS and DCS systems and our products presented to the service of the printing industry with the highest level of quality.

Manufactured paper is packed in measures, dimensions and rolls as desired for printing machines, printing and similar consumption groups at converting facilities. High quality photocopy, inkjet and laser printer papers prepared on the A3 - A4 production line are particularly of choice and highly demanded in national and international markets.

With a gross produce of 81.566 tons manufactured during 2016, the whole of the produce manufactured was sold to national and international markets and a turnover of 176.431.444 TL and a profit before tax of 33.081.942 TL occurred due to the provisions made during the year. Our net profit of period is 26.454.866 TL after tax.

Our high-grade printing – coated paper facilities originally established with a capacity of 55.000 ton/year achieved technological superiority and efficiency competing with major paper facilities in Europe in a decade through the technological investments it made starting from the day when it was commissioned.

At Alkim Kağıt Facilities, each phase of manufacture is controlled by DCS (Distributed Control System) and QCS (Quality Control System) computer software. Paper manufactured under these systems is of high quality in conformity with international paper standards. The facility manufactures high-grade offset paper, photocopy, single and double-sided coated printing paper with weights varying from 60 g/m2 to 220 g/m2. In addition, its manufacturing range also includes label paper, soap packing paper, envelope paper and blueprint paper.

Starting from 2000, the capacity of the gas turbine is increased to 5.5 MW with a cogeneration investment and the existing cogeneration facility capacity reached 11 MW with the commissioning of a second gas turbine. Furthermore, the manufacturing capacity is improved by raising the speed of the paper machine to 750 m/min thanks to the shoe press investment, efficiency and quality in our paper facility was brought to a higher level as the result of other investments.

Alkim Kâğıt manufactured and sold with full capacity in also 2016 at its facilities.

Yearly capacity varies in paper manufacturing facilities depending on the type and weight of a product. Although major part of our production and sale comprises 70-80 g offset and photocopy paper, we also manufacture various products from 60 g/m² to 220 g/m² at our factory. With the most recent investment, our actual manufacturing capacity increased to 90.000 tons.

The paper manufactured with the warehouse stock control system used in our facilities is being automatically controlled with a barcode system from each point of the manufacture stage from shipment, to customer and all kinds of measures are taken in terms of customer satisfaction.

Alkim Kağıt generates the power and vapor it needs with the two cogeneration facility, with a total generation capacity of 10.7 MW. With great importance attached on nature and environment since it is founded, Alkim Kağıt is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified.

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