Sodium Sulphate
The crystal – Glauber’s salt obtained from the Open area business on Tersakan and Bolluk ponds is processed by multistage evaporation and refined sodium sulfate with a purity of 99,5% is obtained at our Cihanbeyli-Bolluk Sodium Sulfate plant with a capacity of 80.000 Ton/Year established with the technology and knowledge of Alkim’s own. Besides the plant have their own power plant to generate their vapor and electric power, they also have all of the technical, administrative and social infrastructural facilities, miscellaneous auxiliary units and all the support systems required to be present in a chemical plant of this size. All of the plants of Alkim Kimya run on a computer-controlled system. By passing the high pressure vapor generated in the power unit of our plant through a turbine, we not only meet the need for vapor required for the process, but also meet part of the electricity need for the entire plant. The high quality finished product Sodium Sulfate obtained is then shipped for the market in bulk or big-bags and sacks of 1 – 1.5 tons.. 

Salt: Upon the amendment of the monopoly law and entitlement of the private sector for salt production, our company obtained lake salt production licenses and started production of industrial salt – food salt with a capacity of 25.000 tons in 2004. 

MagnesiumChloride: Liquid MagnesiumChloridewhich is usedandhighlyeffective in de-icing of highways is produced in Cihanbeyli-Bolluk Plantwith an annualcapacity of 15.000 tons.

MagnesiumSulfate: R&D activities for he production of Magesium Sulfate, which is the followin production of Magnesium Chloride, have been succesfully completed in less than 1 year. It is planned to start production with an annual capacity of 3.000 tons. 

Leonite: Leonite (Potassium – Magnesium Sulfate Double Salt) is one of the fertilizers with Potassium content which was not produced in Turkey and completely exported until 2007. In 2007, Leonite was firstly obtained in Konya-Cihanbeyli Tersakan Lake as a raw product. This raw product has been purified in an integrated plant and Leonite has been produced since 2012 in Cihanbeyli Bolluk Sodium Sulfate Plant. The annual capacity of Leonite production is 5.000 tons. 


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